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Letter: Let’s fix the social safety net

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


Mr. Selph’s letter (“Get government out of the morality business,” Dec. 26 Readers Write) illustrates why Scrooge was the perfect villain in “A Christmas Carol” in our Christmas season. Mr. Selph clearly defines many of the issues associated with those who truly need help. Yes, Mr. Selph, many take advantage of and steal from the system and we do need to weed them out and punish them, but to punish the innocent because you dislike the crook is without merit.


We have tried your theoretical (A thousand points of light, George Bush) and though churches and civic groups gave their best, it was not enough. In my humble opinion, the Constitution provides that which the states cannot themselves, such as national defense, Social Security, Medicare and, yes, welfare programs. While it is immoral and unchristian to let a child starve or an old woman live in the cold, it is also bad government. A country rife with pove...

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