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Letter: Let’s be fair

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

While no one can argue that the Affordable Care Act system wasn’t ready to go, I also can’t imagine that anyone could doubt that "If you like your present health insurance plan, you can keep it" implicitly added, "as long as it is offered by the insurer."

And as these same insurers had routinely raised their rates on those plans in the past, one shouldn’t be surprised that they would continue to be increased. The Act doesn’t require that any insurer offer coverage; it only requires that any coverage offered at least meets minimum standards. President Obama certainly should apologize for launching such a major program without having first ensured that the component parts were working. But the fact that the insurance companies primarily look at the Act as an opportunity to make more money, rather than as an opportunity to provide health care coverage to the many under-insured and uninsured Americans, requires an apology from them, no...

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