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Letter: Let’s be civil about it

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am watching the pro-life, anti-abortion March for Life in Washington today (Jan. 27). There seems to be a lot of people that want government to stay out of their lives and the decisions they make. Then there seems to be a lot of people that want the government to interfere in the lives of other people.

I am for a woman making her own choices—hard choices, at times—with her own body. After all, her baby belongs to her and not the government.

What I won’t do is write a letter that demeans other citizens that I don’t agree with. I will not call them ignorant, angry, foolish people, just because their opinion is different than mine.

I watched the protests on Jan. 21 and did not see any grown women being hysterical or throwing tantrums. I saw women, men and children interacting and showing support for one another. They were there for many causes that they believed in. I also talked to people who attended the protest in Washington. The o...

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