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Letter: Keep up the fight

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

For a number of weeks that have now turned into months, our country, our state and our county have been under attack by an unseen enemy. A virus that spreads fast and vicious having no preference to age, race, or social class. For a couple of weeks we scattered like flocks of birds being attacked by a predator. We stayed home if possible, grabbed masks of any type off the shelves, gloves, hand sanitizer and massive amounts of toilet tissue.

Businesses closed, schools closed, what would happen next? In our small community of Mathews it was hard to believe what was happening in major cities. We watched the news constantly with reports from New York, California, even Northern Virginia where health care workers in all fields were trying hard to dress in protective gear and to locate the supplies and equipment they needed to prepare for battle to save lives. Unbelievable. We as a community followed the regulations.

Slowly … Cautiously … Being very creative...

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