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Letter: Jefferson hornets’ nest

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Well, I did expect to see a response from Mr. Maggard (“He begs to differ,” Oct. 29 Readers Write). I would have been disappointed if he did not respond. Screed? Have read every one of his past letters, several times, to be sure I understood them in fairness to him. I even agreed once. He and I just live on different planets.

I said nothing derogatory on Mr. Jefferson. The sole “food for thought” was that his magnificent rhetoric on freedom and liberty did not match the lifestyle at Monticello. Nothing more, nothing less.

As to David Barton, recent manuscripts found have obliterated his opinions. Why do you think Charlottesville, UVA and Monticello docents have backed off regarding slavery?

What I did not expect from Mr. Williams (“A man of accomplishments,” Oct. 29 Readers Write) was such a venomous attack on me personally, rather than my message. I said nothing derogatory about Mr. Jefferson as president and statesman; he was outstanding in both!...

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