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Letter: Irreparable harm

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, and Adam Schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee have done irreparable harm to our country by their bias, vitriol, divisiveness and hate of our President. They should instead steer their socialist party for the better good and not drag the nation through this ugly, painful process of impeaching the President.

This is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover up their own party’s corruption and scandals. It is a clear and well-organized attempt to overthrow the President and reverse an election outcome. They have disgraced themselves in this premeditated process of impeaching President Trump only to result in the firing up of “We the People” or the so-called “deplorables.”

Never in my lifetime has any President accomplished so much in so little time as President Trump, but the socialists will have none of it. Even before he moved into the office, Representative Maxine ...

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