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Letter: Inform yourself

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With only a short stroll down memory lane I can recall a secure border, energy independence, low unemployment, and a booming economy. Then we got Joe Biden and his management team (cabinet). Their qualifications seem limited to how many intersectional check marks they can muster. Neither talent nor skills are required. Kamala Harris tops this pack of misfits.

In less than a year every measure of safety and prosperity has gone down the tubes. My fellow citizens, we have discarded King Midas and elected King Manure.

We have to save ourselves from these incompetents. Turn off main stream media; get your information from honest sources; vote as an informed citizen that really cares about his country and his state.

The King has us wallowing in the results of his touch and would have us believe that it doesn’t stink. I think we can decide that for ourselves. So decide, get informed, and vote accordingly on November 2 and again next year.

Charles Selph...

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