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Letter: In favor of school choice

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As the end of 2015 draws near, motorists heading southwest on Main Street in Gloucester Court House were treated to the self-congratulatory message on the Botetourt Elementary School ground level marquee, “We are fully accredited and met all federal AMOs!” For some perspective: In April of next year, people will scramble to make sure their federal tax returns are filed. Every month employers make sure their FICA and other fees are deposited. And all of us are subjected to the plethora of FDA label warnings, prescription small print, additive alerts at the gas pump ... and let’s not forget filing for Medicare Part B, and that latest federal program that kicks out a check for your newly diagnosed condition. Oh, and there’s Obamacare. You liking that one? It’s quite a list, but let’s stay with schools.

For some reader’s benefit: an AMO is an “annual measurable objective” and defines “yearly goals for lo...

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