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Letter: In a nutshell

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Rob Wittman is running against Vangie Williams, a government contractor. Vangie aligns with the party that, according to Hillary Clinton, “cannot be civil with the Republican Party.” For her own part, Vangie stated on March 18th in a Democratic Forum in Kilmarnock, that “We don’t want any more white guys. We don’t want any more old guys.”

She has gone on the record to support impeaching President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh (once lengthy Congressional investigations determine what their “high crimes and misdemeanors” are), and is in favor of rescinding the tax cut.

In a nutshell—your choice is either Rob Wittman, with a long record of public service; who is a fierce and effective advocate for both national defense and the Chesapeake Bay; and a proponent of lower taxes and economic growth. Or Vangie Williams, with no record of public service; from the party that does not wish to be civil; who wants to rais...

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