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Letter: If Iran cheats, we’ll catch them

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

“Where one stands normally depends on where one sits”—a rubric often quoted by my old boss. The rumbling roar against the Iranian nuclear deal bemoans that “we should have gotten more …”

It should be borne in mind that we weren’t trying to “get as many beans for the cow as we could”—we were trying to obtain an agreement/framework that would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. Few argue that that wasn’t accomplished; but caveated by the grumblers, “unless Iran cheats.” If Iran cheats, we’ll catch them (and we just revert to where we would have been without an agreement). If they don’t, Iran won’t have a bomb.

Those that lament the “undemocratic” Iranian government overlook that we (actually England mostly) helped depose a nominally democratic Iranian government primarily because they wanted to keep their oil for themselves; and installed the S...

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