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Letter: I just don’t get it

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Biden has used Trump since the 2020 election to instill fear into the American people. Trump has served four years and accomplished more than any president in this century. Biden and the Democrats have never given him credit for anything he did which was “Making America Great Again.” Biden’s policies were deliberate and unity was never his goal.

Trump made us energy independent, he kept us out of wars because he was a strong president who was feared by leaders of other countries. He put tariffs on China. He stopped Russia’s pipeline and was building up our own. He built most of his wall to secure our border and allowed people to enter under the law. He made deals with the Arab countries to keep Iran from getting a nuclear bomb (this was called the “Abraham Accord”). It kept peace in the Middle East and Israel was protected.

Trump is not Hitler or a dictator and his supporters are not Nazis. The newly elected Republicans in the House of Representatives...

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