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Letter: Honors the office, but not the man

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is difficult to find the right words because I don’t enjoy feeling this way about the President of the United States, but being honest is important to me and many others, even though it is not a part of the statements made by the president. Equal income? The equal is the freedom to work, to do the best we can—he needs to study the Constitution. American values? Again, they are laid out to us by the Founders, made as the cornerstone of the Constitution, which this president appears to want to "change." Men, much greater than any we have at this moment, built America, and for this president to pretend that he shares those values is shameful.

Opinions must be formed based on actions and performance, and that is why I cannot pretend to respect these actions. The office he holds I honor, in memory of those who built our nation I freely give respect and gratitude. But when the person who holds this office does not honor them, he does no...

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