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Letter: Holding politicians accountable

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As I was finishing up my taxes last month, I was reminded that our representative Mr. Wittman once again voted NOT to require our current president to show his tax returns, as was promised multiple times during his campaign. I continue to wonder what the reasons could be that this wealthy man doesn’t want to share that information.

Is it unreasonable for the taxpayers to require this from the nation’s highest office holder? What could those tax returns tell us and what difference does it make anyway? For me, the answer is that it gives me confidence in my government. Confidence that all of our elected officials are indeed doing what is best for America first as opposed to what is primarily benefitting them and their bank accounts.

We place our trust in those we elect. We trust they will place the needs of the country over the needs of self. Why is that important? Integrity in government is critical for national security and safety of our citizenr...

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