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Letter: Herd mentality

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

About 14 months ago, President Trump alerted us to the dangers of COVID-19 and took measures to protect the nation. He was first vilified as a xenophobe and racist for this, but then his opposition saw in the crisis an opportunity to usurp power for themselves. Free assembly curtailed or abolished; freedom to worship restricted or prohibited; mandatory lockdowns that crippled our economy; rule by executive order rather than legislation, all bringing our land to the brink of destruction.

Our election laws were perverted to enhance and foster voter fraud. Even worse were the arbitrary rules the administrators set out. In Michigan, a kayak was deemed useable but a motor boat wasn’t. In Pennsylvania, state-run liquor stores were simply closed, but in our commonwealth, the hours of operation were changed. How a different set of hours helped stop the spread of the virus has yet to be explained.

Masks and face shields were made mandatory, despite the lack of...

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