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Letter: Heads up

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Unfortunately, the current posturing by the inside of the Beltway Democrats involving the border issue is yet another attempt to delegitimize the Trump Administration.

Not only are the establishment Democrats out of touch with the American people, they fail to acknowledge that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency was a heads up to the establishment.

We are reading more about the divisions forming within American society and culture. Some political analysts have begun to make references to a Civil War in America becoming increasingly likely.

While such talk does nothing to close the divide, it is becoming far more likely that the people will give the imperial Washington establishment a more pronounced “heads up” in the near future. The Washington establishment and the inside of the Beltway Democrats would be well advised to begin to tread softly. The people are beginning to see through the façade of the establishment.

With estim...

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