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Letter: He served his country well

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This past Saturday, I watched on TV the funeral of John McCain. An American patriot. A good, decent and honorable man.

A man who served his country in the Navy, with honor. A prisoner of war, who was said by some not to be a hero because he was captured. Then served for decades in Congress with integrity and honor.

His bones may have been broken, but obviously not his spirit. It was that spirit that helped him survive. He served his country well. Unlike many people in Washington who only serve themselves. He will be greatly missed.

I saw and heard a young woman, a daughter who loved and admired her father greatly. I saw Meghan McCain speak truth so eloquently. I saw her struggle to keep her composure. And she did.

She learned a great deal from her father. I hope she may see an opportunity to serve our country in Washington. She can bring all the good she learned from the father she loved and understood and respected deeply.

John McCain, on Sunday at the N...

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