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Letter: Have we come to this?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Recently I was attending a birthday celebration and became involved in a discussion about the state of our country with a few of the guests there. For the most part we were pretty much in agreement of the status of our country and the state of our affairs within the United States and abroad.

As the friendly banter went back and forth, it became apparent that while we agreed we have major problems in our country, state and localities, there was one fact and statement that stood out to me. Our younger generation is willing to stand by and let the acts of tyranny take over our life and I say that because the person I was speaking to me stated the following: “During the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, the people of that time were willing to take a stand over something as trivial as tea. We don’t have people today willing to take a stand for anything like that anymore. Our times have changed.”

That statement hurt me by making me thin...

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