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Letter: Hardly rose to level of sexual harassment

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to a story you had last week about speakers at a Mathews Board of Supervisors meeting who attacked board member Mike Rowe for “sexual harassment,” I would like to respond as a woman who has served in executive positions at federal, state and local levels, and who has zero tolerance for real sexual harassment.

Their overly dramatic outrage and demands that he resign because of his comments at the beginning of a Zoom meeting, during which he said the female participants “looked nice,” both diminish and trivialize the serious and important issue of sexual harassment in public and corporate settings.

His comments were perhaps tone deaf, but hardly rose to the level of sexual harassment. His attackers clearly used the occasion to try and gain some sort of uninformed public opinion points since at least one of them is a candidate for the board of supervisors. Their actions indicate that this is the kind of manufactured issue they would use to di...

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