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Letter: Hang on, Blue Devils

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Mathews Boys of Fall are having a crisis of faith. Our faith in them as fans is not shaken—we know what they can do and what excellent young men and athletes they are. Their faith in themselves is shaken.

When they are defeated in spirit, beat down and put down, it is hard to get back up and subject yourself to that again. I know, I have watched my beloved boys all year. My son asked me once what he should do when he felt he had to make a choice, and I said "you can run for the rest of your life, but you only have four years to play football."

It has proven to be a driving message to him. His hard work and sacrifices may prove costly to his future, but worth every moment to be able to put on that uniform and stand with his "brothers." He and most of his fellow seniors have been playing together since they were small, and this Friday will be their last game playing together. Not theirs, his. He will miss their last game agai...

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