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Letter: Hang a nest for the bees

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Recently, the rusty patched bumble bee was put on the endangered species list. This is the first species added to the list from the continental U.S. Seven other species were added previously that were native to Hawaii. For those who are unaware, bees are an integral part of our food chain. They pollinate the flowers that, in turn, produce the fruits and vegetables we eat.

Honey bees are the most well-known bee for this; however, they are not the most efficient, nor are they native to America. They require a fair amount of work to nurture their hives. In return, we are able to harvest honey. Many people are not willing to put in this amount of work, understandably. However, there is something that everyone can do to help boost our bee population. Hang a mason bee nest.

Mason bees are native to this area, and are far more efficient at pollinating plants than honey bees. They very rarely sting, and their sting is not much worse than a mosquito bite. They don&rs...

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