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Letter: Gun maker is not to blame

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Sandy Hook parents: I am sorry for your loss, but you’re wrong. To sue someone for someone else’s actions and for the courts to agree would be wrong. It is not negligent to manufacture a product that is misused.

The world has many things that, when used improperly or criminally, can kill or maim. But is it the manufacturer’s responsibility or the user? Anything from a heart-clogging burger to a bag of fertilizer can kill. Do we want a world where the actions of a monster, or even a busy housewife, set the stage for lawsuits? While texting and driving or speeding to a late appointment can kill innocents, should Verizon or Ford be sued?

Many will say Sandy Hook was different because a weapon resembling a piece of military equipment capable of firing many rounds was used, but it is not. There are millions of weapons that fit that description that are used correctly for sport, even home protection, that never take a human life—just like t...

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