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Letter: Greater problems

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The name of the school … really?

The economy of our country is currently stressed to the breaking point by pandemic politics.

Drugs, and their cumulative baggage, have ripped a hole in humanity that we, without the help of God Almighty, will never mend.

Sexual abuse of our children and elders has become ho-hum, back page news.

Gang violence plagues our cities and threatens to choke the remaining breath of decency from every metropolis in America.

Liberal “idiocracy” has made the single parent home a monetary dreamscape, thus perpetuating “fatherlessness.”

All of you that found this a convenient season for name calling and character assassination of men long dead should perhaps find a place for reflection.

If you are so clean of spirit and deed, be reminded that your only peer was crucified for all the sins of mankind.

We should all relish a chance to practice democracy by voting on the name of our schools whenever we can get the rest...

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