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Letter: Grandma won’t be put out on the curb

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The 3/3/2011 Gazette-Journal had a response to my letter concerning Social Security from Mr. Hicks. In his response he mischaracterizes Social Security as a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes such as Mr. Madoff’s lure investors in by false promises of high return on investment and are not guaranteed or subsidized by the Untied States and its citizens. Social Security, or Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (original name), promised only if you and your employer did their part you would get a modest (still is) stipend when you qualified (became entitled). Many may not need this but many more do. Mr. Hicks and I help subsidize many things TEA Partiers often make a living from then rant against such as the military, federal, state, and local government pay, not to mention benefits and retirement plans. Should we deny or reduce these also? These workers and their retirees if removed from your county and mine would bankrupt us. We seniors draw our Social...

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