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Letter: Government has its limits

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The idea that government, which means basically, taxpayers, should guarantee every citizen enough to eat, a place to sleep and health care suggests a great dimness of mind and a poor grasp of the way things work or simply put, the natural order. A constantly dwindling number of taxpayers at the mercy of a predatory welfare class cannot carry the entire population. The crucial question for the non-taxpaying welfare recipients is, just how long can you expect the taxpayer to continue this charade?

It is becoming evident that the government is exercising a more pragmatic view of the current debt crisis. The purchases of large quantities of small arms ammunition by government is but one aspect of the dawning pragmatism within the U.S. government. The Federal Reserve’s efforts to monetize the debt cannot possibly end well; this is evidenced by a plethora of rumors circulating within government about possible government control of IRA and 401(k) retiremen...

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