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Letter: GOP response to criticism

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to Mr. Ramos’s letter (“Who will protect rights?” Sept. 30 Readers Write) the facts are as follows. The RPV in the State Party Plan references Ethical Conduct specifically stating, “Voting members of official committees shall exercise their best efforts to conduct the business of the Party in good faith, with reasonable care, skill, and diligence … They shall refrain from participating in unethical activity, diminishing the dignity and credibility of the Party.”

On several occasions Mr. Ramos has stated that our two Republican candidates are not electable. In fact, Mr. Ramos has a history of not supporting Republican candidates and in 2019 supported an independent candidate opposing our Republican nominee. This, along with other negative comments, diminishes the credibility of the party.

Due to his conduct, a committee member presented a Resolution of Censure to the Committee at the last meeting; however, Mr. Ramos left the meeting early. ...

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