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Letter: Gillespie for U.S. Senate

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This week’s Real Clear Politics average of polls shows that Mark Warner’s lead in the Senate race against Ed Gillespie has been cut in half to 11 percent. As people start to pay attention to the midterm elections and learn more about who Gillespie is, this lead will undoubtedly be cut to no more than 5-7 percent of likely voters by Election Day—a lead that could be wiped out by an enthusiastic turnout of actual voters for the Republican candidate. The key is—actual voters.

It is so very important that you vote. Harry Reid has led a Senate that has abdicated its responsibilities to the American people. Since the debacle of the Affordable Care Act, he has refused to allow the Senate to vote on anything the least controversial, lest Senate Democrats be held accountable for their votes in election years. Most damningly, he has not let the Senate pass an actual budget—preferring instead to baseline spending to the enormously expensive...

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