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Letter: Gill manufactured a non-existent slight

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I thought that with my withdrawal from the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race, I could slip into obscurity and the race could proceed between the other two qualified candidates without confusion or distraction. Regrettably, in his zeal to publish yet another puff piece about himself, Mr. Gill has manufactured a slight that was non-existent and, in the process, crossed the line of acceptable conduct.

To wit, he accuses me of making "a number of unsubstantiated allegations describing the record of the Commonwealth Attorney’s office" in my letter to the editor dated Sept. 22. I have carefully re-read my letter and find no allegations about the record of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office at all, much less anything that requires substantiation.

Mr. Gill then goes further and states that "by implication" … I assert that he has "failed to show leadership in the office," is "without the ener...

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