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Letter: Getting beyond the rhetoric of ‘class warfare’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

"Let them eat cake!" Famous words that described a lack of compassion for those low on the economic scale. Today, it is "class warfare." Political ideology believing everyone can flourish and if you don’t it is due to lack of trying on your part is tearing us into two classes, by not admitting a simple truth.

The truth is there will always be one small group that, by birth or effort, will rise to the top, while another, by circumstance, birth, environment, lack of education, laziness or whatever, will wallow at the bottom. The third group, the one I believe most important, is the middle, the heart, the reason our democracy survives.

Today’s papers are full of stories about jobs (or the lack of) and both parties’ plans to create them, yet little is said about the massive gap between the highest earners and the lowest. Yet that gap now is higher now than since the beginning of the Great Depression. When someone mentio...

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