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Letter: Get your own dirt

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am an old, now, science teacher. When I was still a student teacher at university I heard a joke about a scientist and God. A great laboratory scientist learned the secret of creating life from a handful of common simple dirt, just like God does. He was so excited at his discovery that he published it and went on the lecture tour to tell the science community about it.

At one presentation he had just reached the part where he said, “I’m as good as God himself at creating life!” In the audience an old, tired, and worn-out looking fellow stood up to raise a question. He said, “I am God. Why don’t we go outside and see how great you are?”

Outside they stood facing one another. The scientist began by scooping up a handful of common simple dirt. Immediately, God raised his hand and stopped the puzzled man. Then God said, “Get your own dirt.”

The lesson is clear to anyone with a lick of sense. In today’s world which loves to love itself and its accompl...

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