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Letter: ‘Free’ everything not a sustainable plan

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Do you wonder where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) got her socialists ideas? They came from George Soros’ UN Agenda 21 (forfeit private property, no food from animals, no air travel, etc.), now an updated Agenda 2030. Soros bankrolled AOC’s political campaign, so this is her payback.

Wake up America! Educate yourself by using readily available sources in print and on the internet. Become a patriot. “Free” everything is not a sustainable plan. Local Tea Parties in Mathews and Gloucester need you for members. Virginia needs you. Get involved and do not leave to socialists to provide our political candidates.

It is no mystery why large population centers are liberal socialists. That’s where the largesse is voted in. Our democrat (socialist) senators Warner and Kaine have a rating of 2 percent in normal patriot issues (education, gun rights, erasing our monuments, baby killing laws). Only you can change this, and you can! Now is the...

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