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Letter: For what’s provided

I love the fall with its nippy temperatures and beautiful colors. 

I was reminded today to pause and be thankful for what God has provided. The yellow and gold colors of the maple from my study window are illuminated by the morning sunlight as are the leaves falling down. 

This week when the wind came out of the north the cove was a sanctuary for a flock of Canada Geese and the first bufflehead ducks of the season. Today as a nor’easter heads up the coast I expect them to return.

I have a few resident squirrels frolicking and feeding with many varieties of birds drinking water from the bird bath. Plus, at night we have a very large raccoon and possum who come for their meal of table scraps. All of this and it doesn’t cost me a penny. 

I am truly thankful for these things as well as other things God has provided.   

DeWitt Edwards

Mathews, Va.  ...

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