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Letter: For a warm welcome

My family and I recently moved to the Gloucester/Mathews area from the West Coast. While we had vacationed here in the past and have a large extended family in the area, we knew that everyday living would be far different than an occasional visit. The welcome we have received from neighbors, business people, newfound friends and churchgoers has been amazing. The so-called “southern hospitality” is no myth. Folks here greet each other, open doors for one another, say please, thank-you, yes ma’am and yes sir.


Neighbors stop and ask how you are doing, bring welcome gifts and offer to lend a hand. Business owners are most accommodating to their customers and strive to provide assistance; even referring us to other businesses if an item of theirs is out of stock. And members of our newfound church welcomed us with a sincere spirit of caring and fellowship.


All communities have their challenges. There is always too much crime, too much political bick...

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