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Letter: Eroding social mores, not gun ownership, is the problem

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Mr. Knupp’s letter (“Work together to reduce gun violence,” June 6 Readers Write) is so un-American and supports such an unconstitutional position that a response is mandated. Knupp refers to the U.S. v Miller decision of 1938, in an out-of-context quote of Justice Scalia. He ignores the court’s actual verdict, which Justice Scalia did not.

In Miller, the high court determined that the militia was “All males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense. When called for service, these men are expected to appear bearing arms and accoutrements, supplied by themselves, of a type in common use at the time.” Miller was found guilty because the court could “take no judicial notice of any such weapon [a shotgun with barrels of less than 18”] being part of the ordinary military equipment or that it could contribute to the common defense.”

In simple language, the court determined that the possessi...

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