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Letter: Egregious behavior

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Article VIII, Section 7 of the Constitution of Virginia says this and only this about school boards:

“The supervision of schools in each school division shall be vested in a school board, to be composed of members selected in the manner, for the term, possessing the qualification, and to the number provided by law.”

It is understandable why certain school board members shy away from discussions about the Constitution and constitutional issues. Those school board members have put forth far more effort to control, belittle and discredit other board members and members of the community than they have exerted “supervising” our school division.

The behavior and actions of school board members Troy Andersen, Randy Burak and Robin Rice over the past couple of years have been nothing short of deceptive, tyrannical and, in at least one instance, unlawful. Considering the recent court ruling against their egregious behaviors and actions, all three should now...

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