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Letter: Economic house of cards

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In reply to the writer ("Both parties will have to change," Sept. 20 Readers Write) that disparaged my comment of Sept. 6, i.e., everything has an expiration date, including government, perhaps I failed to make my point.

With 165,000 pages of federal regulations and more being added each day, with federal spending that exceeds federal income by $2.7 billion per day, with a federal debt of now $16 trillion, with total unfunded liabilities of the federal government about $120 trillion, with unemployment double that of what was once considered normal, what is it about the facts that isnot understood?

In summary of the preceding, with the $120 trillion liability and with the existing tax burden, the Supreme Court has underwritten the demise of government by its blessing of continued socialism by declaring Obamacare a tax and by some odd quirk, making it Constitutional, underwrites the demise that I reference. With QE3 now in progress, the money supply will ...

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