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Letter: Doesn’t integrity matter?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When did Americans decide that integrity was no longer important in our elected leaders? When did we decide that it was okay to lie day after day? How many of us would be okay with a relative, good friend, or minister blatantly lying to us every day? Would we trust them? Why are we okay with this behavior from elected officials? Why wouldn’t we expect more of them?

When did Americans decide it was okay to openly make fun of people with disabilities? When did we decide that the color of your skin determined your worth? When did we decide your family history determined your future? When did we decide that serving in the military was for losers and suckers? When did we decide that people who aren’t lily white are the enemy, no matter where they came from or how long ago? When did we decide that America was only for white people? When did we decide that job openings must be filled by males because they’re the most qualified?

Don’t all people want the same...

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