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Letter: Do you know?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In recent years, I hear many people say they don’t read the newspapers because it’s too depressing. This is true. Much of what’s in the news is depressing, but we have a responsibility as citizens to know what’s happening around us and, most of all, to seek the facts that either support or contradict what is being done or said.

Ignorance will never protect any of us, because the longer we are unaware the more damage will be done, making it difficult to repair or, God help us, be forced to live under laws and rules that are against the words in our Constitution, and designed to silence the voice of any who don’t agree. This is happening now, today, to people most of us don’t know personally but who believe God and respect the plan made by our Founders as the right direction for America.

Because they express their beliefs, some are being threatened, sued and, in the military, face court martial. This is happening, even thoug...

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