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Letter: Do you know where your electricity comes from?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When you flip that switch in your home, do you know where that electricity is coming from? The average person doesn’t know. It is just there. The power companies burn coal to make electricity. Virginia consumes 278 trillion Btu of coal each year.

Now, where does the coal come from? The coal companies use mountain top removal to get the coal. Very simply, they blow the mountains up. This is the first assault to the environment.

The second assault to the environment comes when the power companies burn the coal to make the electricity. They burn the coal. Coal is a fossil fuel. When it is burned it creates a poisonous gas that pollutes the air we breathe, and releases excessive Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Not to mention that there is a limited supply of coal. We will run out someday. That is guaranteed. Then what?

No matter which side of the climate change issue you support, it is very difficult to argue against solar energy. It is clean. It is...

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