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Letter: Do we have an immigration problem?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Immigrants come here legally. They come here to benefit from the advantages of living in a nation of freedom and opportunity. They are eager to learn the language and American customs and become productive American citizens.

The problem we do have is an invasion. True, the invaders aren’t coming here militarily. If they were, they would be summarily repelled. But rather, they are allowed to walk in with impunity.

Sure, there are some who come here simply to take jobs to provide for their families, which is the result of the poor conditions in their homeland’s socialized economies. So we socialize our country’s economy by sending foreign aid to shore up their homeland’s failing socialized economies. We have to borrow the money to do so instead of having them do so.

But, millions come here who have no intention of becoming a part of American society. They are Muslims who are intent on enforcing Sharia law and terrorists who are bent on...

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