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Letter: Do something for the future

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

My letter today concerns our inability to act. Simply does the cost of doing nothing exceed the cost of doing something? Late in my career (term used in the last century), I was trained as a financial black belt—in other words, a person who finds savings through process improvement. This required looking at data and letting it lead you, not policy or special interest. I would like to apply this to our current mess.

The economy and jobs—One would wish it was as simple as we lower taxes and all is well. Lowering taxes to small businesses is relatively painless and may convince some to startup or expand. The downside is the temporary drop in revenue (I am sure you don’t think revenue from small business is immediate). Corporate America, on the other hand, has more cash today than they have had for decades, yet no expansion. Must be one of those invest versus expand decisions. I too would pick to invest in an environment where there is no de...

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