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Letter: Ditch proposal is foolish

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The article in the July 14 edition concerning the ditch issue in Mathews points out the absurdity of trusting academia to perform the functions of government.

Proposing that individual landowners be responsible for maintaining the ditches on their individual properties runs counter to common experience. For example, take a drive through Mathews and you will drive past properties of all descriptions and in all states of repair. Most are well kept and attractive, but many are not. Some are in a state of collapse. No problem, you say—Mathews has an ordinance to deal with the dangerous properties in a state of collapse. But, no, no action will be taken until there is a formal complaint against the property owner. We try to be good neighbors, so very few complaints are filed.

The same situation will ensue with the ditches if this foolish proposal ever becomes reality. Sure, I’ll maintain my ditch, but what about the absentee owner three properties rem...

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