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Letter: Dismayed over ‘emergency’ meeting

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was dismayed to read about the leadership of the Mathews County Board of Supervisors calling an “emergency” meeting, without proper notification to the public, to fire the county attorney for “lack of performance” in spite of being told ahead of time that such a meeting was illegal. Other board members were not fully informed about this when they attended the meeting. 

The new county attorney, who I researched and have worked with on several regional issues, is widely respected as a local government expert, with extensive experience in Hampton Roads and the Middle Peninsula. He was hired less than four months ago. Cause for his termination? He wanted staff to review the draft of a flood plain ordinance before sending it to the whole board.  

Mathews County has gone without competent legal advice for months, if not years, before hiring this one. Special interests and individuals who claim to know the legalities of comp...

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