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Letter: Democrats of old

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

They have already started spying on the citizens of this country before Biden took office. When conservatives are involved in protest, they are called domestic terrorists. On Jan. 6, the president didn’t incite the protesters to riot and destroy the U.S. Capitol. Listen to what he said, peacefully. The Democrats have lied for years. By the way, an insurrection is an organized resistance to an established government. I don’t think what we saw on TV was organized.

Now for the last nine months, the left-wing radicals protested, rioted, burned, looted, attacked the police and killed people. Where were the Democrats? Not one word said. They and the news media call it a peaceful protest? V.P. Harris even donated money to pay for lawyer bills and post bonds; she said they should keep it up. Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers should all be placed on the domestic terrorism list. Not a word out of the Democrats, because they support them.

Now if ...

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