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Letter: Democracy in action

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Mathews Board of Supervisors met on Monday and provided one of the clearest examples of democracy in action and the rule of law that I’ve seen at the local level.

A member of the board made a statement outlining reasons why he wanted a change in leadership (the board elects its own chair and vice chair). A motion was made and seconded, following another member’s reasons why she agreed. All reasons had evidence that could have been provided. 

The vote was three to two for new leadership on the board. Meeting adjourned. Parliamentary procedure prevailed. Decorum and civility were preserved. It is encouraging, in this age of insult, conspiracy theories and disregard for facts, to see that some elected officials are still committed to the principals that set our country apart from those that depend on fear and violence. Well done, board! Civics and government teachers should never underestimate their ability to change the world.

Chris Bridg...

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