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Letter: Defending the innocent

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The annual March for Life took place on the Washington, D.C., mall on Friday, Jan. 18. For 20-plus years, I have been inspired by the thousands of people, especially youths, willing to endure cold weather and long trips to try to save lives and souls by protesting against abortion.

Proverbs 6:16, 17 states that “the Lord … hates hands that shed innocent blood,” which is an accurate definition of abortion (unborn children are certainly innocent and abortion certainly sheds their blood). God must have been very happy to see the thousands of pro-lifers defending the innocent, unborn children and being the voices for those who have no voices.

I am certain, however, that God is displeased with the Women’s March the next day. Many of them were pro-abortionists who support, legalize, finance, etc., the murder of innocent, unborn children. 

If they are truly sorry for their involvement with abortion, repent and ask Him. He will forgive...

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