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Letter: Dangerous intersection

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am a longtime resident of Fiddlers Green Road in Gloucester. In the last 18 months, this road has been inundated with construction, disruption and chaos, for those that have lived here in excess of 20 years and remember the past fondly.

The worst of these disruptions has been at the intersection of George Washington Memorial Highway (Route 17), Fiddlers Green Road and its counterpart, Main Street. The installation of a pedestrian crosswalk at this intersection was at first amusing, then upsetting. Now, it is more than dangerous.

Recently, there is a sign saying no right turns except on green … to allow the pedestrians safe crossing. What happened to our right-hand turning lane that was promised?

If we have had more than 50 pedestrian crossings total at that crosswalk, it would amaze me. The crosswalk itself is, at best, dangerous on a highway intersection where so many fatal accidents occur between automobiles, never mind humans.

The timing on...

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