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Letter: Correcting some claims

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I read with disbelief Kendall Sentz’s letter to the Gazette-Journal (“Media bias on display,” June 28 Readers Write). Although the casual spewing of false claims has gained traction recently, there are still those who demand truth and facts in political discourse. Below are offered facts that discredit some of Sentz’s claims.

In April of 2018, President Trump, not Obama, instituted a zero tolerance policy of separating all children, including infants, from their parents. This included people who were applying for political asylum. Some of the legal ports of entry have been blocked or closed, forcing people to enter the U.S. in other ways.

No, there is no effort to take away your right to own a gun. That is not true. I can also find absolutely no evidence that the Obama administration advertised for illegals and told them how to game the system. Actually, the Trump administration has stopped funding Obama-era programs urging Central Am...

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