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Letter: Constitution doesn’t need fixing

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There has been much debate regarding the holding of a Constitutional convention, a.k.a., Con-Con, Convention of the States, Article V Convention, etc. While I can certainly understand wanting to fix our broken government, it is crucial that everyone realizes that it is not our Constitution that needs fixing.

The fault lies with those in power who have broken their oaths to preserve, protect and defend it. For 150 years, the system of checks and balances set forth in the Constitution has been eroded until we have an out-of-control, centralized government that ignores the law of the land and does what it pleases. The first step toward achieving this blasphemous end occurred with the virtual destruction of the individual states as having more power than the federal government. However, it does not need to be this way. The states’ right to nullification still exists in the founding documents, as they stand.

For example, many people have cited the need for ...

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