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Letter: Concerns expressed over internet service

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I rely on Cox for my internet and phone (VoIP) needs and over the past three weeks, its performance has been dismal. Some days it is fine, others it varies from not available to barely available, fluctuating between the two throughout the day. Before I call their customer service, I always call my neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same problems and they always are.

I live on White Hall Road and I find neighbors on Bailey’s Wharf Road with no “Upload” ability and once found the same problem with a friend off Guinea Road. We all test Cox performance with It measures ping (the time for a roundtrip signal to reach the Cox server and return), download speed and upload speed.

If all is well, ping is in the range of 9 to 15 milliseconds, download is 75 to 125 Mbits/second (depending on your plan) and upload is greater than 5 Mbits/second. (Note that the upload is very important if one is using the Cox phone, as your voice is an upl...

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