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Letter: Concerned over presence of ‘games of skill’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am writing regarding the article about the installation of certain “skill machines” is some of the county businesses (“Skill or chance? Legal ‘skill machines’ popping up across state,” April 11 Gazette-Journal).

I am puzzled because I have not seen anything previously about these machines coming to Mathews. Was this not something the board of supervisors should have known about and informed the rest of us? Is it because they are not considered “gambling” machines “presently in the eyes of the law”? To be perfectly honest, I think there has been a lot of splitting of hairs going on in order to allow these machines to operate in Mathews.

The ABC ruled the machines were “games of skill” because “while players are still making a bet with the hope of winning a prize or jackpot, the state has deemed the input of the player to have enough effect on the outcome for Queen machines to be l...

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